Hello, I am T.P.

Sometimes known as TeePee.

As you may notice from reading these blogs, I suffer from nightmares. They are usually, although not always, a result of severe back pain. Many years ago I was involved in a pretty serious mishap which left most of my upper body broken. Paramedics saved my life, as they did have to twice jump start my heart to get me kicking and complaining again. Six weeks in the hospital lead to a “full recovery”.

But the spine is not as resilient as one might want it to be, and over the years mine has begun to deteriorate to a state that I am in constant pain. Some days are better than others, but the pain never goes away.
On a bad day I’m into Percocet (also known as Oxycodone), or Morphine, or Tylenol 3. Sometimes just some Ibuprofen will help a bit. Pain changes by the hour. It never takes a vacation.

Some might say get a doctor. I have been through every test, seen over ten different specialists, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, even the old Chinese dude who rubs feet. I’ll try anything if it might help, and I don’t give up, but sometimes it just seems hopeless.

The pain leads to light sleep, resulting in nightmares or just weird dreams, and eventually I wake up. On most nights I get about 4 hours sleep, on a good night maybe 5.
On weekends I can take some prescribed sleeping pills, in which case I might get 6 hours. I can’t take them on a work night or I will be too groggy in the morning.

I do live a pretty good life as far as family, home and job. I cannot complain at all in those regards.
I just want the pain to go away.

As I write this “about me” I am hurrying because I have another doctor to go see. I WON’T GIVE UP.