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Last night I took my car to the carwash.


It was weird in that the cars line up, twenty at a time, two abreast. You then wait until you are signalled and then the ten rows of cars drive into a building and are washed – by hand.

I was back in the car I had in the early 80’s, yet it was modern day. The clutch kept slipping and I had no brakes, so it was difficult keeping the car in position. We were waiting for hours to get in, and the owner of the car wash, a mean woman in her 50’s, kept coming over and yelling at me for not turning the car off and keeping it in position. Why we waited for hours I don’t know.

Then I woke up.


Last night I was at a beautiful island resort on the ocean. There were three-storey condos on rolling hills with narrow twisty walled roads and lush vegetation.

I was looking out my condo window to the patio, and I saw a former co-worker of mine. I hadn’t seen Elaine in years, so it was great to see her now standing outside my door. I have no idea why she was there, but I was very happy to see her, so I opened the patio door and greeted her. We talked about old times and caught up on each others lives.

We then decided to take a drive around the resort in Elaine’s crappy old Nissan Sentra. We drove around the twisty roads, catching up on life and talking about old times and old friends.

We crested a rise in the road, and as we came over the top, to our surprise the road was – GONE !  We were free-falling off the edge a cliff plunging toward the rocky ocean.

Somehow, we were out of the car, falling, falling, holding hands.  I assured Elaine that we will be fine, and all we have to do is dive into the ocean and we will surface in just a few seconds.

We both plunged to our deaths.