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I don’t recall much from last night, but the part that stands out in my RAM is that I was a police officer. I remember running up behind a bad guy, who was about 2 feet taller than me, and slamming my police baton into the back of his knee.

Theoretically, the person should then drop to ground, but not this guy.

He slowly turned around sporting a big grin on his face.
I whacked him again. He laughed.

I walloped him a good one. He chuckled.

I did a flying overhand crack to the skull. He was laughing hysterically.

Then he proceeded to beat the living snot out of me. He left me laying there, just a lumpy bag of skin and protruding bones.

Then I woke up, sweating, my back feeling like my spine was sticking out.


Last night I took my car to the carwash.


It was weird in that the cars line up, twenty at a time, two abreast. You then wait until you are signalled and then the ten rows of cars drive into a building and are washed – by hand.

I was back in the car I had in the early 80’s, yet it was modern day. The clutch kept slipping and I had no brakes, so it was difficult keeping the car in position. We were waiting for hours to get in, and the owner of the car wash, a mean woman in her 50’s, kept coming over and yelling at me for not turning the car off and keeping it in position. Why we waited for hours I don’t know.

Then I woke up.

I used to work for an aerospace company back in the 80’s and 90’s.

Last night I was back there, at my desk in the same building I used to be in, but the timeframe was modern day. For some reason there was no roof on the building, but at least it was a sunny day.

Along came a South Asian man walking along the aisle with his AK-47 shooting up the building and shooting as many people as he possibly could. To his left, to his right, constantly firing but with an arrogance that he was out for an afternoon stroll.

Of course we always had our weapons at our desks (?), so – after the initial shock wore off – I fired back and killed him.


Then the jet fighters came.
They swooped in low coming right at us, firing missile after missile at us, destroying the building and everything in it. Bodies and heaps of twisted metal were everywhere. The fighters continued to shower us with missiles, until eventually….

We all died.

There was a lot more happening, but this is all I remember this morning.