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Last night I took my car to the carwash.


It was weird in that the cars line up, twenty at a time, two abreast. You then wait until you are signalled and then the ten rows of cars drive into a building and are washed – by hand.

I was back in the car I had in the early 80’s, yet it was modern day. The clutch kept slipping and I had no brakes, so it was difficult keeping the car in position. We were waiting for hours to get in, and the owner of the car wash, a mean woman in her 50’s, kept coming over and yelling at me for not turning the car off and keeping it in position. Why we waited for hours I don’t know.

Then I woke up.

For those who have not read my ABOUT page, I suffer from acute back pain. Not just the lower back, not just the upper back, the entire back. I have been prescribed a number of narcotics, but I can’t always take these when pain is high, such as when I have to drive, or assemble a nuclear reactor, or pilot a space shuttle.

So I have been introduced to Amitriptyline. You can read the specs here, or I can sum it up for you. Originally released as an anti-depressant, it also can help with my “issues”.

– Relieves pain. Obviously, this applies to me.

– Helps with sleep. Because the pain is so high, I have problems sleeping.

– Reduces risk of migraines. Since I was 8, I have been getting migraines. Not so many the last two years (probably because I am already taking painkillers) but still I get the odd “doozy” (I’m not sure how that word is spelled)

– Anti-depressant. I am not depressed, but the constant pain does get me down.

– Not a narcotic. I can get repeat prescriptions without having to drive to the city to see my doctor.

So I have taken it the last few days and already I am sleeping better, haven’t had a migraine, and might be feeling less pain. I say “might” because I have been off work for the last two days which always helps.

It does take more time than what has passed so far to reach its full effect, but so far I am feeling positive about it. Time will tell.



(EDIT: ┬áNow 5 days in and I must say the pain has been scaled back. One of the side effects is headaches, of which I am in day 4 now. Not a big deal, as they are just headaches, not migraines, so it’s not so bad.
I haven’t taken a narcotic in 3 days, which is pretty darn good.)